Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reporter Frederic Lavail documenting archaeological digs at Peyre Blanque

Fred Lavail is an independent French photo- and video- reporter who specializes in nature documentaries. 

He has notably collaborated with biologist Jerome Maran to document the life of tortoises and turtles from around the world with the ultimate objective to protect these animals (see 'Tortues du Monde' website).


But it is his passion for his native Pyrenees that brought him to Peyre Blanque. 

Since 2008, Fred has been working on a series of documentaries on the natural and cultural heritage of the "Petites Pyrenees" in southwestern France.

The "Petites Pyrenees" is an area located south of the city of Toulouse, spanning from the Volp valley in Ariege to the Save valley, about 60km west.

His work on this region include Les Petites Pyrénées terre d'agriculture et de biodiversité (2008), Ophrys, les orchidées des Petites Pyrénées (2012), Les Petites Pyrénées Du calcaire à la civilisation (2015).

In this last installment, Fred explores the rich cultural heritage of the Petite Pyrenees which goes as far back in time as the Middle Paleolithic 200,000 years ago.

Peyre Blanque, being the only Paleolithic open-air site in the Pyrenees, was on his list of places to document.

Interview of archaeologist Seb Lacombe by reporter Fred Lavail

We had the pleasure to have him on site during the 2015 fieldseason. His knowledge of the local wildlife never stopped to amaze us.

Fred spent an incredible amount of time filming our daily routine and work. 

Brilliant photographer, he also spent time documenting Peyre Blanque artifacts.

Archaeological Lab Work - photography

One of the highlights of the 2015-field season was when Fred brought his drone to take aerial photographs of the site. Definitely entertaining.

We're looking forward to seeing these photographs and films and to having Fred on site with us.

Don't hesitate to visit Fred's website: association-viracocha.fr

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